NFL Power Rankings: Entering Divisional Round of Playoffs

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(7-9). Previous: . new orleans saints. 20. team. 15. <p>The Saints’ offseason could have gone two ways. They could have cut ties with Sean Payton, gotten rid of Drew Brees and decided to blow up the whole dang show. Or they could have kept Payton, Brees and let the band make one more run at things. New Orleans chose the latter.</p> <p>It really looked like, for a moment at least, New Orleans would farm out Payton and bring in some new blood. Had they been able to get a second round pick – as was reported – then he’d likely be in a new market. Alas, we’re back to the drawing board.</p> <p>This team needs several things, and it all starts with defense. This whole season you could pretty much pencil in that whoever played against the Saints would have a record day (isn’t that right, Eli). Rob Ryan may be gone, but the defensive struggles are due to more than one ineffective defensive coordinator with flowing locks. Focus on the secondary and getting a pass rush are a must.</p> <p>There’s also the case of protecting Drew Brees. Landing Max Unger last offseason was a start, but the Saints need a tackle desperately.</p> <p>New Orleans is backloaded with bad contracts, so this offseason and, really, all of 2016 will paint a picture of what the franchise will look like for the next half decade or so.</p>

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