NFL Power Rankings: Entering Divisional Round of Playoffs

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44. <p>“Roller coaster team” is a cliche term for squads that go up and down and up and down throughout the season. However, Atlanta was something a bit different.</p> <p>You know the ride where people sit around in a circle, and then the seats slowly climb up a monolith before the hydraulics give way and the people careen towards the ground before slowing near terra firma? Dr. Doom’s Death Drop. Yeah, that’s the Atlanta Falcons.</p> <p>The Dirty Birds went from legit contenders in the NFC to a laughing stock who gifted teams victories like free candy. Then they took down the undefeated Carolina Panthers in Week 16 before crapping the bed one final time against New Orleans.</p> <p>Cutting through the fat, the Falcons were pretty much the team we expected them to be entering the season. If not for the strong start and trapdoor middle, there wouldn’t be that much of a discussion.</p> <p>Moving forward, Dan Quinn needs to find a more consistent pass rush for his defense. He also needs to get some offensive continuity. Kyle Shanahan needs to get in a rhythm with his players and lean on more than just Julio Jones. There are bright times ahead down in The A, but they need to tighten the screws.</p>. (8-8). Previous: . atlanta falcons. 17. team

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