NFL Power Rankings: Entering Divisional Round of Playoffs

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team. 36. <p>If you come at the king, you best not miss. That’s been the message Seattle has spewed out over the last two years and they have yet to be knocked off of their throne in the NFC. While the Patriots bested them in Super Bowl XLIX last season, there hasn’t been an NFC champion other than the Seahawks since 2013 and a champion that hasn’t been from the NFC West since 2012.</p> <p>Everyone doubted the Seahawks when they started slow this season and then started falling out with their star running back. That was drama that followed them to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis for Wild Card weekend, but it wasn’t enough to distract them. No matter what happens, it seems the Seahawks are built to win this time of year.</p> <p>They can have players hold out and not want to play, they can lose games and blow fourth-quarter leads in the regular season. But despite all of this, Seattle remains undefeated in the NFC Playoffs for three years running and that doesn’t seem to be changing. It’s easy to say they’ll stumble next week, but no matter how down for the count they appear to be they always seem to win — which is the only thing you need to do in the January in the NFL. </p>. (10-6). Previous: . seattle seahawks. 5

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