Report: Chances of DeAngelo Williams playing are not good


According to a report, the chances of Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams playing against the Broncos are not good.

After surving against the Cincinnati Bengals in a war of a game, the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be limping into the next round on the road against the Denver Broncos. While the Broncos are dealing with the return of Peyton Manning and what he can do health wise, the Steelers have plenty of injuries piled up.

Their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger didn’t look like he could throw a pass at the end of the game, Antonio Brown has a concussion and DeAngelo Williams still is battling issues with his foot.

After missing the first playoff game against the Bengals, there was optimism that Williams could be ready for the next round.

According to Ian Rapoport, those chances of Williams playing against the Broncos on Sunday, do not look good at all right now.

Williams hasn’t been able to play since he had some touches in the final week of the season against the Cleveland Browns, which has the left the Steelers running with a patchwork running back tandem in the playoffs thus far.

They’re already at a disadvantage with the injuries stacked up against them on offense heading into Sunday. With an injured quarterback and injured star receiver, pounding the football is going to be a must if the Steelers want to advance.

With a long grueling season of football, comes injuries. How teams are stacked behind those injuries show the true depth of their rosters. The Steelers are typically one of those teams that always has a next man up ready to carry the torch.