Kemba Walker commits a terrible flop (Video)


Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker committed a terrible flop on the court against the Atlanta Hawks and got away with it.

Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker is soon going to be receiving one of those fines from the league for flopping. Against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, Walker put on one of his best acting performances yet.

With a flop worthy of an Academy Award –or if Pacman Jones was deciding, a Grammy– Walker pretended to get blasted by a giant screen from the Hawks’ Paul Millsap.

Millsap set a screen right in front of Walker, who made it appear that his head got hit by Millsap’s torso, which sent Walker’s body flying backwards.

After the replay, it was clear that Walker wasn’t even touched and exaggerated the entire thing that happened on the court. The Hawks got the worse end of the deal on the play, as Millsap was called for a foul and Walker absolutely got away with one of the worst flops ever.

It’s a good thing that the NBA has instituted rules to prevent this sort of thing from happening. When Walker inevitably receives that fine check, he will probably realize his acting wasn’t worth the money he will be paying back to the league.