WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon telling Daniel Bryan he’s done wrestling for WWE


There is a new update in the Daniel Bryan saga and it’s not one that will make people happy. 

Over the course of the past several months one of the big stories when it comes to WWE has been when they will exactly medically clear Daniel Bryan and let him return to the ring. There were some that thought it could happen as a surprise last Sunday at the Royal Rumble, but as we came to find out, that didn’t end up being the case at all.

Well, now there’s a new update on all of this and it’s not particularly a positive one.

According to the latest report from The Wrestling Observer (subscription required), Vince McMahon has pretty much been telling Bryan that he will not compete in the ring for the company ever again, and really his only role with the company going forward will be a non-wrestling one. This is disappointing to a lot of folks and the report from the Observer even noted that there were many backstage who thought Bryan would appear in the Rumble match. Now there’s a chance a return may never happen.

Bryan has been out of action since last spring when he suffered a concussion, and although he’s been cleared by a number of outside doctors, he has yet to be cleared by WWE doctors, who ultimately have the final say about when he is allowed to return to the ring. So far, for whatever reason, they haven’t made a positive call on that as of yet.

Now everyone must keep in mind that this is WWE where you can never say never, but for right now don’t hold your breath in regards to seeing Bryan walk through that curtain and getting in the ring to compete.

And as with everything else, you can thank Vince McMahon for that.