Stephen A. Smith: Peyton Manning can’t get a pass on this one (Video)

Stephen A. Smith had more than a few thoughts about the Peyton Manning controversy on Monday. 

Peyton Manning has been in the news recently, and it hasn’t been all for winning his second Super Bowl which he did last Sunday. No, Manning is in the news because he was cited in a Title IX lawsuit against the University of Tennessee for alleged acts that he performed on a female trainer.

Now on Sunday there was a report making the rounds that the people at ESPN were told to lay off the situation, but we definitely know as of Monday morning that’s not the case.

The subject of Manning was of course brought up during the edition of First Take, and as you would expect Stephen A. Smith had some thoughts about all of this. More or less, he doesn’t believe that Manning should be getting a pass in this regard simply because of who he is.

Again, now we know that the report of ESPN employees being told to back off was completely false, because they made it a huge topic of conversation on one of its most watched shows.

Smith is echoing the sentiment of a lot of people, because if you look at some of the reactions to the reports in the lawsuit, some are indeed of the belief that Manning is getting a pass because of his squeaky clean image.

It’s important to remember in all of this that these are just allegations against Manning and nothing has been concretely proven yet. However, despite that, people are going to have their opinions on the matter — and Stephen A. Smith is just one of them.

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