Shane McMahon returns to WWE RAW in Detroit (Video)

Shane McMahon returned to confront Vince and Stephanie at WWE RAW in Detroit

WWE RAW from Detroit started off with Vince McMahon handing out the Vincent J. McMahon Award for Legacy of Excellence and ultimately presented the award to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Steph came out and started talking about being born into the business and the award being in the family, but that’s when another family member came out for a shocking return: Shane McMahon.

“Here Comes The Money” hit and the Detroit crowd in Joe Louis Arena went absolutely bonkers at the return of Shane O Mac:

McMahon hasn’t been with WWE in many years, going off on separate business ventures outside of professional wrestling. However, he was absolutely incredible in regards to his ability to capture the hearts and eyes of wrestling fans when he was with the company.

Shane came out to confront his father about giving the award to Stephanie McMahon, saying that she didn’t deserve the award at all and that she hadn’t earned it, all while also not being too pleasant with Vince:

This is truly one of the most shocking returns in the history of WWE as absolutely no one could have seen the return of Shane McMahon. Even more shocking, though, was Shane absolutely unloading on Stephanie, saying that she is running the company into the ground with Triple H.

However, Shane also revealed that, several years ago, Vince was in trouble and Shane became one of the owners of WWE and has simply been standing by up to this point. And when Vince tried to buy Shane out to get him out of his hair, Shane said that he couldn’t do that anymore and that he wants control of Monday Night RAW so that the company will be around for future generations.

Vince was obviously apoplectic at the mere proposition, but Shane didn’t back down a bit. Vince then said that he would give Shane control of RAW if he could win one match against an opponent of his choosing at a time of his choosing. Shane McMahon accepted, but that wasn’t the end of it.

As Shane was leaving, Vince announced that Shane O Mac’s opponent would be The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 in a Hell in a Cell match. Buckle up for the Road to WrestleMania, fans.