Report: Los Angeles Rams tried talking Peyton Manning out of retirement


Per Peter King, the Los Angeles Rams had only a ‘mild interest’ in Peyton Manning and wouldn’t guarantee a starting spot

Up until a few days ago quarterback Peyton Manning sounded like a man who still wanted to play football. The drama centered around where he could play in 2016, since the team he won a Super Bowl with just a month ago was ready to move on without the soon-to-be 40-year old.

Per Peter King of the Monday Morning Quarterback, there wasn’t much drama in that department at all as nearly noone had any interest in acquiring the services of Manning this season. King states that only the Los Angeles Rams showed interest in brining in Manning, but that interest was only “mild.”

"The one team that was mildly interested was the Rams. But the Rams’ braintrust hadn’t had a serious internal discussion about Manning, and I am told the Rams would not have guaranteed Manning the starting job."

King also stated that the Houston Texans may have had interest, but that prospect seems highly unlikely. Four seasons ago when Manning was a free agent and had more in the tank, Houston elected to pass on him. Despite their offense needing a new quarterback, they most likely had even less interest now that Manning put four more seasons worth of tread on his tires.

Manning is one of the most calculated players to ever play in the NFL, so it would be shocking to know he hadn’t done his homework before deciding to call it quits. Knowing his best chance to play in 2016 included a competition with Case Keenum and Nick Foles may have been enough to persuade him to call it a career.