Knuckle draggers freaked out over Peyton Manning sexual abuse question


Knuckle draggers weren’t pleased that a female reporter asked Peyton Manning a legitimate sexual abuse allegation question. 

Peyton Manning officially retired from the NFL on Monday, but people are focusing on something other than his speech in the fallout. Long-time NFL reporter Lindsay Jones asked Manning about the Tennessee abuse allegations that have been brought against him, which sent Twitter into a tizzy.

For the record, Jones was just doing her job — which she is extraordinary at — and even offered up an airtight defense for herself.

Needless to say, the glue lickers of the world dragged their knuckles across their phone screens in anger over Jones asking Manning about the Tennessee sexual abuse allegations.

It’s kind of surprising that fans of a team who has a horse as their mascot are so obsessed with eating paste. Then again, it sort of makes sense.