NFL Rumors: Chiefs to replace Derrick Johnson with Jerrell Freeman?


Could the Kansas City Chiefs sign Jerrell Freeman to replace Derrick Johnson?

This NFL offseason has already proven to be a whirlwind of speculation and action — but are some teams already looking ahead to next offseason?

That’s where the Kansas City Chiefs might be at with the latest rumor connecting them to a free agent target.

According to Charles Robinson from Y! Sports, the Chiefs could look at possibly signing Jerrell Freeman to eventually replace Derrick Johnson.

This doesn’t mean that the Chiefs are already giving up on the idea of re-signing Johnson next offseason, but they’d be foolish to not set themselves up to succeed regardless.

At the absolute very least, Kansas City would get a year of Freeman and Johnson in the same secondary — which is massive. You only need one year to win the Super Bowl, and the Chiefs are already lined up nicely for that in 2016. They may not be able to re-sign Johnson when he hits the open market in 2017 but that one year of Johnson and Freeman could be deadly.

Kansas City was able to retain Eric Berry and Tamba Hali this offseason but they’re already having to be careful with their money. Being proactive by adding Freeman when he double up your talent in 2016 seems to be a no-brainer for the Chiefs.