Oakland kids douse Stephen Curry with water (Video)


Stephen Curry let a bunch of local children pour cups of water on him — because why not?

It all started with Draymond Green.

The Golden State Warriors forward surprised Curry during a postgame interview in February, sneaking up behind him as he spoke with a reporter and then upending two cups of water over his head. Curry clearly wasn’t prepared for the trick and nearly swore on live national television before shaking it off (literally) and continuing with the interview.

It was a lighthearted moment between two friends and teammates, and actually made a bit of sense considering Curry had just worked up a sweat dropping 51 points on the Washington Wizards. But news quickly spread that the NBA’s reigning MVP does not like getting water poured on his head, and so of course the only natural thing to do when he visited some Oakland-area children was to sit down and allow them to just drench him.

"The Lakers aren't the only ones to cool down Steph Curry"

Curry, to his credit, took the abuse like a man, and he even managed to maintain a smile throughout the whole episode. Several of the kids were sporting Warriors jerseys, shirts, hats, and other swag, so it must have been a real treat for the young fans to get to interact with their idol in such a playful manner.

It still remains to be seen whether anything can derail Curry and the Warriors from breaking the Chicago Bulls’ record for the best regular season in NBA history. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to take more than a little bit of H2O.