Gus Johnson loses his mind after Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hits crucial three in Big East final (Video)

Gus Johnson was in perfect form on Saturday night as the Big East final was getting nutty

If there is one thing that we have all been reminded on Saturday night, it’s the fact that the Big East Tournament final is still one of the greatest sporting events of the year. Another thing we were reminded of, though, is that having Gus Johnson on the call makes things all the more better.

Villanova and Seton Hall are on the court giving us one of the best conference finals that we have ever seen, and with time winding down the game was tied. Villanova had their backs against the wall and Kris Jenkins came through for them at the time with a clutch three.

But what really made the play? Listen to Johnson’s call after the three bangs in.

It really is amazing how this man on the call can make some great plays even greater. The shot from Jenkins was awesome enough, but when you add in Gus just straight losing his mind, then it makes the moment all the more memorable.

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