Lance Stephenson loses grip on ball, game (Video)


Memphis Grizzlies guard Lance Stephenson came up with a creative new way to turn the ball over on Saturday night.

Lance Stephenson has begun to find a groove with the Memphis Grizzlies and the team is seeing success as a result, despite missing almost every player on their roster due to injuries. While Stephenson is making himself at home in Memphis, he has still been ending up on the wrong end of highlights. Against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night, Stephenson had a hard time holding onto the basketball.

As Stephenson dribbled the basketball up the floor, he lost his handle on the ball and desperately tried to get it back. After losing the ball by trying to do a fancy between-the-legs dribble, Stephenson would then stumble over the Hawks defender trying to get the ball back.

It would be surfs up on the court with Stephenson sliding away.

At some point you really have to give credit to Stephenson for his knack to end up on the wrong side of these things. This is a lot different than trying to challenge giant centers and failing miserably, but it’s still pretty embarrassing the way he just dribbled the ball away.

It’s not good basketball, but it’s highly entertaining at the same time.