NCAA Tournament 2016: Five biggest snubs on Selection Sunday

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A look at the five biggest snubs for the 2016 NCAA Tournament on Selection Sunday

The 68 teams that will be playing for the college basketball national championship in the 2016 NCAA Tournament have been announced on Selection Sunday. Now that the field and the bracket are set, March Madness can officially get underway and things are going to get wild like they always do in college hoops this time of year.

Though the NCAA Tournament and March Madness is arguably the best postseason experience in all of sports—college or pro—even the field of 68 sometimes leaves teams out. After all, there are more than 68 quality basketball teams in the country playing college basketball. Whether it’s fair or not, there are always going to be snubs.

The first thing you have to look at when talking about snubs for March Madness is which teams you’d take out of the bracket if a snubbed team were to make the tournament. When you look at the field and the bracket for the 2016 NCAA Tournament, there are a few teams that stand out, most notably the trio of the Syracuse Orange, Vanderbilt Commodores, Tulsa Golden Hurricane, and possibly even the Wichita State Shockers.

Regardless of the teams that may or may not have been deserving of making the field that did, this is about the teams that wholly deserved to make the 2016 NCAA Tournament, but were somehow left out of the field. These are the five biggest snubs from March Madness on Selection Sunday.

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