Grizzlies’ Matt Barnes suspended one game for chasing after John Henson


Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes has been suspended one game for chasing Bucks forward John Henson into the locker room.

Matt Barnes is a loose cannon on and off the court. This is hardly news to anyone. However, he once again is paying the price for being a loose cannon on the basketball court. During the Memphis Grizzlies’ game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday, Barnes would leave the floor of play, to chase down Milwaukee Bucks forward John Henson, who had just been ejected for taunting Barnes.

Security personnel and arena personnel would immediately chase after Barnes, who proceeded to try and enter the Bucks’ locker room to engage Henson. It appears the league has decided to make a ruling on the ugly incident that happened in Milwaukee on Thursday night.

According to Chris Mannix, the league has suspended Barnes for one game.

With the current state of the Grizzlies’ roster, they really can’t afford to lose anyone else and not having Barnes for a game will certainly hurt them even more since their depth is all but depleted and they’re playing guys from the D-League full rotational minutes to fill in the gaps.

It’s easy to set Barnes off just like Henson did and now Barnes will miss a game because he lost his cool.