Report: Cleveland Browns and Robert Griffin III expected to reach agreement


Per Adam Schefter, the Cleveland Browns and Robert Griffin III are expected to come to an agreement.

It looks like Robert Griffin III has found a new home after all. The 2012 Rookie of the Year who didn’t play a single snap last season is expected to reach an agreement with the franchise that is perhaps most in need of a quarterback in the Cleveland Browns. This is according to Adam Schefter of ESPN:

Of course, last season saw Kirk Cousins really come into his own when he was named the starter at the beginning of the season. His play virtually guaranteed RG3 wouldn’t be coming back next season and that was confirmed when the team cut him.

For a player who went from being heralded over Andrew Luck to free agent folly, Griffin is just excited to be playing football again. However, this move doesn’t necessarily rule out drafting a quarterback with the second overall pick. If they do, will Griffin be used as a mentor to that pick or will it just end up creating another controversy? That’s what they tried to do with Manziel under both Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown and we all know how that turned out.

The only thing Browns fans want is some stability at the quarterback position. After all, how many more quarterbacks can fit on that fan’s jersey? Perhaps Griffin won’t be a long-term solution for this team, and he’ll only serve to usher in a new quarterback, but he’ll definitely be motivated to get some playing time under his belt again.

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