Devan Douglas from U-Mary ducks to not hit head on rim (Video)

Credit: The Cauldron (Vine)
Credit: The Cauldron (Vine) /

U-Mary senior guard Devan Douglas had just avoiding hitting his head on the rim in the College Slam Dunk Contest

It feels like every year in the College Slam Dunk Contest that someone from a school that even the most avid college hoops fans haven’t heard of does something absolutely incredible. 2016 turned out to be no different as University of Mary Marauders senior guard Devan Douglas put on one of the most impressive leaping displays that you’ll ever see—college or pro basketball.

Douglas’ dunk itself in terms of his action—meaning going between the legs or pulling off a 360 or whatever—wasn’t all that impressive. What was impressive, though, is that Douglas got up so high that he legitimately had to duck his head underneath the rim as he went by to avoid hitting his forehead on the front after he threw it down:

It doesn’t matter who’s doing it, it’s always going to be jaw-dropping when you see a man almost hit his head on a regulation rim while dunking. However, it’s even more incredible when you consider that the U-Mary senior in Devan Douglas is only 6-3. That means that the top of his head is a full 45 inches away from the rim when he’s on the ground, but he closed that gap to the point that he had to duck under the rim.

Who knows if we’ll ever hear from Devan Douglas again, but he wins the night for his exploits in the College Slam Dunk Contest.

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