MLB’s Josh Reddick goes all Steph Curry (Video)

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 26: Josh Reddick
OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 26: Josh Reddick /

Is there a future in the NBA for Josh Reddick?

Steph Curry has been phenomenal this year. One factor is due to the ridiculous shots that he somehow makes. His pregame warm-up routine is entertaining as well. When he’s not warming up he’s having fun hitting tunnel shots with precision. Kristaps Porzingis and other NBA stars have tried to one-up the potential two-time NBA MVP, but nobody can stop Chef Curry. If his own league can’t catch up to him, I guess it was only a matter of time before other sports got involved.

MLB’s regular season officially starts tomorrow. While the team hasn’t been as popular as the Warriors in recent years, the Oakland Athletics can still put on a show. The team has very interesting players on its roster, and all of them bring something different to the table. Outfielder Josh Reddick is one of those entertaining players. It looks like Reddick wants to take on Curry.

Not bad for a guy who throws a ball smaller than a basketball. One of the most passionate professional wrestling fans of all time, it seems Reddick has another backup plan just in case his MLB career doesn’t pan out. The Warriors could actually use someone like Reddick if they want to have a productive bench player. With the amount of minutes that have been played by the team, some players could use a rest. I’m sure Reddick wouldn’t say no, especially if it meant replacing Steph Curry in the future.

Until a contract is set up, it would be wise for Reddick to stick to baseball. For one, the A’s need all the talent they can get if they want to compete this year. With a passionate A’s fanbase and a promising season ahead of him, Josh Reddick will look to make his own mark in Oakland.