NBA Rumors: Lakers to try trading Nick Young this summer


The Lakers will reportedly try to trade Nick Young — again — this summer. 

The most interesting thing that has happened to the Los Angeles Lakers this season is the weird NSA-style recording that rookie D’Angelo Russell made of teammate Nick Young. The tape was all about leading Young into admitting he cheated on Iggy Azalea and blew up when someone (aka Nicki Minaj) leaked it to gossip sites.

All of this has caused one of the weirdest NBA scandals we’ve seen recently and will predictably end in a trade to fix things. However, the perpetrator will not be the player on the block in the offseason.

According to the LA Times, the Lakers will try to alleviate the situation by trading Young this summer.

No one can be even remotely surprised by this. The Lakers have tried endlessly to Young after they sunk too much money into him a year ago and this seems to be their window. Everyone has a conspiracy theory about who leaked the tape Russell made, but one far-out-there theory could be the Lakers.

It’s hard to connect the dots, but the Lakers trading Young because of this tape — even though he’s the victim — is a bad look. Of course, the Lakers aren’t going to prioritize a man named Swaggy over the possible future face of the franchise. This might finally be the thing Los Angeles needed to trade Young — but it’s the Lakers so they’ll find a way to screw it up.

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