DeMarcus Cousins mugs Mason Plumlee en route to dunk (Video)


Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins mugged Portland Trail Blazers big man Mason Plumlee en route to a dunk.

DeMarcus Cousins might just be the most dominant center in the NBA. When the big man gets the basketball in his hands in the paint, he’s near impossible to stop. When he gets it outside of the paint he is almost impossible to stop.

On Tuesday night, Portland Trail Blazers big man found out the hard way just how good Cousins is at using his physicality to bully his way to the hoop. Plumlee tried to take Cousins on from deep, but Cousins ran through him like a fullback and then dunked over Plumlee to cap it off.

After Cousins’ dunk, Quincy Acy and the rest of the Kings’ bench couldn’t contain themselves and they all came together to celebrate the vicious slam by Cousins. It’s hard to blame them, as Cousins basically consumed Plumlee’s soul by taking him all the way to the hoop like that.

Cousins is a big man and certainly isn’t an easy one to stop. If a team is going to try, they better put more than a couple of bodies on him when he gets the ball.

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