Arizona Cardinals 5 best draft picks all-time

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These five individuals are the five best draft picks in Arizona Cardinals history.

In the history of the Arizona Cardinals there have been some truly awful draft picks, but there have also been great ones that have turned a franchise that once seemed destined for failure into a franchise that has turned the corner and has now become one of the most competitive franchises in the games.

Ever since the Cardinals arrived as the Phoenix Cardinals back in 1988, they’ve always seemed to have had that one player that gave everything they had every single game despite the team not always having the success to match. In the beginning, it was names like Aeneas Williams, Larry Centers and others that gave fans a glimmer of hope in the forsaken land known as Sun Devil Stadium.

Then as the Cardinals began to transition in the final days of Sun Devil Stadium on into the luxurious University of Phoenix Stadium, it was names like Adrian Wilson, Larry Fitzgerald, Darnell Dockett and Karlos Dansby that really changed the mold of the franchise and helped turn it into a successful one.

No longer were the Cardinals going to be a team where guys collected a pay check and bolted. It became a franchise that began having success because these core players weren’t going to sit around and take it anymore. Even though the team has had a variety of head coaches and Rod Graves ultimately had many more misses than hits before the great Steve Keim took over, the Cardinals have had some great picks.

These are the top five Arizona Cardinals draft picks of all time.

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