Manny Pacquiao announces he will retire from boxing after fight on Saturday


Manny Pacquiao will fight his last boxing match to possibly pursue another interest

Manny Pacquiao is one of the best boxers in the world. The man with a 57-6-2 record has world titles in eight divisions, the most in boxing history. There have been rumors that Pacquiao would be retiring sometime soon, however. It appears that the “Fighting Pride of the Philippines’” has made his decision.

There is a fight this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena between Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr. The third fight between these two will be a 12-round welterweight fight on HBO. According to ESPN, Pacquiao announced during Wednesday’s news conference that this will be his last fight. He stated:

"“It is very important to get the win for my country and the people in the Philippines. This is my last fight.”"

It sounds hard to believe that he will leave the sport he loves, and nearly a year after Floyd Mayweather and him fought for the first and only time. Apparently, Pacquiao isn’t just calling it quits to end his career on a high note (if he were to win). According to ESPN, Pacquiao states that a win over Bradley will help boost his chances to run for senate in the Philippines’ national election. Twelve seats are up for election in May.

This is a very surprising development. A man of the people, Pacquiao successfully ran to be a part of the Philippine House of Representatives. His charity work is well-known, and Pacquiao works hard to support his people. The fact that he thinks a win in boxing would help with an election is mind-blowing to me. But hey, who am I to judge him? Bradley also agrees that the reports are crazy. In the same news conference, Bradley stated:

"“I think that is baloney. I think that is garbage. Honestly, I don’t think this fight has anything to do with what this man has shown to the Filipino people. To lose a fight or whatever happens, and not get what he rightfully deserves? Everything he has done for the Philippines, for the Filipino people, he is truly, truly to me the only one out there that is going to do right for the Filipino people. “"

I don’t think the news should change the dynamic of the fight. These two are very competitive athletes and should look to put on a show. Pacquiao knows that Bradley will not give up easily, and both should give it their all.

Whether we like it or not, this Saturday marks the end of a legendary career for Manny Pacquiao. He could still be an ambassador for boxing, but his native land will always be where his passion lies.

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