Bartolo Colon can do a good Willie Mays impression (Video)


Bartolo Colon is out here once again showing us why he is the reigning god of baseball

Okay, by now can we just all agree that Bartolo Colon is not only the greatest person in the game of baseball but the greatest person in all of sports? No, you’re not convinced yet? Well wait until you see this.

Saturday night Colon is getting the start for the New York Mets against the Philadelphia Phillies, and he decided to show us how well that he can flash the leather in the field. And no, this is not just your ordinary pitcher making a nice play ordeal — it was a remarkable play altogether.

Apparently, our friend Colon can do one hell of a Willie Mays impression when he wants to, and just watch this amazing basket catch to see that’s true.

I mean — come on, really?!? What is there on a baseball field that a man his age cannot do. We thought watching him last year was a treat as the Mets chased a spot in the World Series, but it looks early here like he might have a lot more in store for us in 2016.

This man has alone has made the Mets must-watch baseball.

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