Twitter blasts the Dodgers for pulling Ross Stripling with a no-hitter

Ross Stripling was pulled with a no-hitter intact and Twitter was less than pleased

Friday night it looked as if we were in line for some serious history. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling was making his Major League debut, and he almost made one of the biggest first impressions in the history of baseball. With the rain falling in the 8th inning, this 26-year-old was out there with a no-hitter intact.

However, with the weather not exactly ideal and having walked a batter, manager Dave Roberts made his way out to the mound and he signaled to the bullpen, stunning not only everyone that was watching on television, but even the rival fans in attendance in San Francisco.

From that point, things immediately went downhill for the Dodgers, who were holding a 2-0 lead. Well, they did have a 2-0 lead, until the Giants’ Trevor Brown hit a two-run homer right off the bat to tie the game up.

Needless to say, Twitter was a little riled up over the situation.

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