Blue Jays fan trolled the hell out of Pablo Sandoval (Video)


A Blue Jays fan trolled the living hell out of Pablo Sandoval by bringing an oversized belt to the Rogers Centre.

The Boston Red Sox’s 8-4 win over the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday was overshadowed by Pablo Sandoval’s belt being unable to stay on his pants during a swing. Even though it was a great win by the Red Sox, that’s all anybody could talk about.

So when they met again for the series finale on Sunday, Sandoval was hoping to play well enough to make people forget about it.

But Jays fans never forget, and in his first at-bat of the day, this moment will surely be seared into Pablo Sandoval’s memory:

While that’s usually never something to condone, at least this fan got his six seconds of fame. And to make matters worse for the Red Sox, they would end up losing the game 3-0 at the hands of a Marco Estrada masterclass.

Pablo Sandoval was instrumental in San Francisco’s World Series win in 2014, which made him a prized offseason acquisition for Boston back in 2015. So far, though, he hasn’t lived up to his billing as his .245 batting average that year was the lowest of his career. While he is surrounded with more talent this season, Sandoval will have to shake off this embarrassment of a series if he wants to make his mark with the Red Sox.

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