Arizona Cardinals: 5 worst draft picks all-time

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PHOENIX, AZ – DECEMBER 14: Running back Stephen Davis
PHOENIX, AZ – DECEMBER 14: Running back Stephen Davis /

2. Wendell Bryant

In 2002, the Arizona Cardinals thought they were drafting a future anchor for their defensive line when they selected defensive tackle Wendell Bryant out of Wisconsin. Bryant had won the Big 10 Defensive Lineman of the Year in his final two seasons with the program and had high praise entering the league.

Then Bryant decided that he really didn’t like playing football. In his three years with the league, Bryant recorded a handful of tackles and barely more than one sack.

He also abused the league’s substance abuse policy on multiple occasions so many times that after his third disappointing season with the Cardinal, he would never be heard from again.

He would go on to play with the United Football League for a while, but he never amounted to anything professionally. He got his big contract, violated policies and decided to call it a career. It was a waste of talent and yet another sad case of an individual not working hard to become great.

It was also another draft bust for the Cardinals at a time when they really needed some home run picks in the draft. He might just be the Cardinals’ most forgotten first round pick of all time.

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