Kansas City Chiefs: 5 best draft picks of all-time

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3. Tony Gonzalez

Truly great players and teams change how the game is played. Tony Gonzalez has changed the way the tight end position will be played for years to come. In the run-heavy offenses of years gone by, tight ends were used a sixth offensive lineman. Their main task was to block in the run game and sometimes haul in passes. Gonzalez changed all that. He showed the world what damage a pass-catching tight end can do.

The wondrous ways of Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Gates owe a lot to the dazzling Gonzalez. Just look at these numbers. 1,325 receptions, 15, 127 yards and 111 touchdowns. They are all leading numbers for a tight end and could well be standing as records for a long time. If that doesn’t convince you of Gonzalez’s quality, then perhaps the 14 pro bowls that Gonzalez has been voted in for will. Only two other men in history can match that.

Gonzalez is the greatest tight end in history, and could very well be top of this list. It perhaps pays testament to the excellence of the top two that someone has brilliant as Gonzalez is ranked as low as third. Gonzalez will forever be remembered as a player who changed the way the game is played, he revolutionized a position. That is why he is the third best draft pick of the Chiefs.

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