Dallas Cowboys: 5 reasons they should sign Brian Hoyer

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 13: Brian Hoyer
HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 13: Brian Hoyer /
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JACKSONVILLE, FL – DECEMBER 07: Ryan Fitzpatrick
JACKSONVILLE, FL – DECEMBER 07: Ryan Fitzpatrick /

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Yes, the number one reason to want Brian Hoyer as the backup to Tony Romo is Ryan Fitzpatrick. The bearded wonder spent one season in Houston and had a lot of praise for their head coach’s teaching. Fitzpatrick stated, via ESPN, that he learned more from his time with Bill O’Brien than he had his entire career.

"“I probably learned more about football last year than I had the rest of my career in a single season in terms of being able to see the game from a different angle.”"

Such a comment makes sense considering that both Fitzpatrick and Hoyer enjoyed breakout seasons under the tutelage of the quarterback whisperer in Houston.

However, we now know that the solid play can continue after one leaves O’Brien. Fitzpatrick continued his improved play, and even seemed to take another step after being traded to the New York Jets. Fitz had a career high in yards (3,905) and touchdowns (31) last season and led the jets to a surprising 10-6 record in 2015.

While Dallas won’t need Hoyer to break any of his career records, all they need to know is that whatever O’Brien does to help a quarterback see the field better, it is possible that it sticks with that player for the rest of their career.

So if the simple reminder that Matt Cassel, Brandon Weeden and Kellen Moore went a combined 1-11 last season isn’t enough to convince the Cowboys to kick the tires on Hoyer, maybe these five reasons will be.

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