San Diego Chargers: 5 best all-time draft picks

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With the 2016 NFL Draft just around the corner, here are the top five draft picks by the San Diego Chargers.

Although the Chargers have never won a Super Bowl, they have had some legendary players. They have made some poor draft choices, but they have also made great choices. Whether they made a questionable draft choice early in the draft that paid off, or whether a late round draft pick turned out to be one of the team’s greatest.

The Chargers may not have enough great players right now to make it to the playoffs, after going just 4-12 in the 2015 season, but they have had some legends throughout the years.

They have a lot of needs they hope to fill in this upcoming draft on the offensive line and especially in the secondary. Despite having many needs to fill, they have one position that has been filled for a while and is in this top five.

Now, though, they are hoping to bring in other great players who can take them back to the playoffs this season, but until then, we can look back at who have been their great draft picks from the past.

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