John Kasich doesn’t know anything about the movie ‘Rudy’ (Video)


Republican presidential candidate John Kasich didn’t know the end of the movie ‘Rudy’ in an interview.

When it comes to the history of sports movies, there aren’t many better films than Rudy, which told the story of Daniel Ruettiger, who overcame all the odds to complete his dream of playing for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The film was one of the most inspirational films ever and it’s still widely praised to this day.

One person that likens himself to the film Rudy is Republican presidential candidate John Kasich. After Kasich and Ted Cruz were soundly defeated by Donald Trump in the New York presidential primary, Kasich did a Facebook Live interview with The Washington Post.

In the interview, Kasich talked about how the primary will lead to a convention, where he believes he has a chance. This is where he made the Rudy analogy.

“If you follow that movie Rudy where the guy walks on the field and scores a touchdown, think of me as the political Rudy,” Kasich said during his interview.

Kasich’s gaffe starts at the three-minute mark.

The only problem is that Rudy doesn’t score a touchdown in the movie. He comes on the field late in the game and makes a huge sack much to the enjoyment of everyone in the stands and the rest of the players.

His point comes across clearly as how he sees himself in the race, but unfortunately, he needs to brush up on his movie history.

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