Man live-tweets reactions to first hockey game, Blues vs. Blackhawks Game 7

Die-hard hockey fans weren’t the only people watching the St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks epic Game 7 last night. 

St. Louis native “Tony X.” (@soloucity) apparently discovered the wonderful game of hockey last night during the third period of the heated Game 7 of the tied series. Keep in mind that before the twitterer tuned in to the game, the Blues got a lead, scoring two goals early in the first period. Marian Hossa finally got one back for Chicago at the end of the first, and Andrew Shaw finally tied the score in the middle of the second period. The third period was a true fight to the finish, probably the best display of hockey in the entire series, perhaps even the entire first round of the playoffs. And this so called “lit” performance is what Tony X. stumbled upon.

But soon the hockey terminology was too challenging for him to understand on his own. 

His ultimate solution is definitely commendable. 

Tony X. may understand next to nothing about the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks, let alone hockey, but he picked up a few things pretty quickly. 

Yes, that’s Patrick Kane—the leading scorer both on the Chicago Blackhawks and in the NHL—that he is referring to. The above tweet was retweeted 2.6K times and liked 3.6K times by 4 p.m. ET on April 26.

Probably the highlight of Tony X.’s interpretation of the game was his analysis of Corey Crawford’s exit in the last minutes of regulation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.18.44 PM

But despite his complete lack of understanding of the game, the teams and the rules, Tony X. did know one thing: St. Louis had won the game, and as a St. Louis native, he should celebrate on Twitter.

Tony X. went on to purchase NHL ’16 for his PS4 like a true hockey fan and claimed that he’s so excited for next season that he just can’t watch baseball anymore. Discovering hockey has been the best thing for him, but why has it taken him his entire life to find it? It’s all a conspiracy, just ask him.

The Blues move on to round two of the NHL playoffs, in which they face the Dallas Stars. You can be sure that Tony X. will be live-tweeting his reactions to that game as well. Follow Tony X. on Twitter, @soloucity. 

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