Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather denies leaking bong video


Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather denied leaking the video of the tackle smoking a bong that caused him to fall in the NFL Draft

What should have been the best night in the young life of former Ole Miss Rebels offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil at the 2016 NFL Draft turned sour before the night in Chicago had fully gotten underway. Just over 10 minutes before the start of the draft, someone posted a video of Tunsil smoking a bong to the tackle’s verified Twitter account. The tweet was quickly deleted, but the damage was done as arguably the most talented player in the draft fell out of the top-1o and all the way to No. 13 and the Miami Dolphins.

In regards to the video, Tunsil’s agent and manager released a statement saying that their client was hacked and the early speculation was that it was the offensive tackle’s stepfather that leaked the video. Tunsil and his stepfather have had their share of major problems, including the stepfather suing Tunsil for assault on Wednesday.

However, TMZ caught up with Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather, Lindsey Miller, to ask him about the incident. Miller denied having any knowledge of it by saying that he wasn’t even watching the draft. Miller then curiously added at the end that he was a “Red Cross volunteer of the year” as evidence that he wouldn’t do anything like leak a video of Tunsil smoking out of a gas mask bong.

Miller’s excuses are dubious to say the least, but there’s obviously no proof either way from this encounter. It is clear though that Tunsil was hacked in a bad way as his Instagram was also compromised with two pictures of conversations between the tackle and Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze regarding forms of payment for housing and bills were posted.

This story seems to be getting more layered by the minute at this point and is surely far from over. We’ll see what happens next with all of this moving forward.

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