NFL Rumors: Eagles not likely to trade Sam Bradford according to Broncos


After discussions with the Philadelphia Eagles over acquiring Sam Bradford seem to have failed, the Denver Broncos don’t believe the Eagles will trade him.

As the Philadelphia Eagles seem ready to take a quarterback with the second overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, it appears that they haven’t quite gotten to the point of getting rid of their current starting quarterback.

With growing opinion that the Eagles will take either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz when they get on the clock in Chicago in just a few hours (after the Los Angeles Rams take one of them with the top pick), current Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford has reportedly told the team he wants to be traded.

While the Eagles have publicly insinuated they aren’t going to be told what to do by one of their players, it seems as if they have shopped Bradford around to other teams.

One of those is the Denver Broncos, who lost both of their quarterbacks from last season who helped lead them to a Super Bowl title.

Talks between the teams seem to have ended, and now the Broncos are saying they think Bradford will be in Philly for a while:

Sam Bradford was acquired by the Eagles in the 2015 offseason in a trade with the Rams that included sending quarterback Nick Foles out of Philadelphia. Bradford went 7-7 as a starter in 2015, missing two games after suffering a shoulder injury and a concussion during a November loss to the Miami Dolphins.

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