Oakland Raiders 2016 NFL Draft order


Here is the complete 2016 NFL Draft order for the Oakland Raiders.

At long last, the Oakland Raiders appear to be on the way up in the NFL. After a successful season of taking steps forward with the young players on the roster, Jack Del Rio’s team could be in contention for an AFC West that is now wide open.

Khalil Mack has become one of the most dominant forces in the NFL and the Raiders have done a good job of surrounding him with talent. They added more talent to their roster in free agency this year and after some good drafts, they could be the next team to take the AFC by storm.

If the Raiders really want to guarantee their future, then they need to nail their 2016 NFL Draft picks this weekend. They have a real chance to continue to add some serious talent to the roster. The team holds the No. 14 pick in the draft this year and they have the opportunity to pick best player available instead of reaching for a need. Here is the complete 2016 NFL Draft order for the Raiders.

Draft Picks

  • 1st Round, 14th overall
  • 2nd Round, 44th overall
  • 3rd Round, 75th overall
  • 4th Round, 114th overall
  • 5th Round, 143rd overall
  • 5th Round, 154th overall
  • 6th Round, 194th overall
  • 7th Round, 234th overall

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