Chicago Bears sign Brian Hoyer


The Chicago Bears added yet another quarterback to their roster on Saturday.

On a day where every single NFL fan is talking about the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears were also focused on adding veteran players to their roster.

With the Bears having long been in the mix for free agent quarterback Brian Hoyer, things finally came to fruition on Saturday, when Adam Schefter reported that the former Houston Texans quarterback had signed with Chicago.

While Jay Cutler remains the guy as the quarterback of the Bears and had a resurgent season last year, he has also failed to show that he can remain healthy for a full stretch, which is why it was important to the Bears to go out and get a quarterback that can hold down the fort if Cutler goes down.

As a starter, Hoyer’s bad performance will be what people remember most, but going to Chicago is the perfect role for him. He won’t have unfair expectations placed on him and he’s a guy that can be relied upon to step up when he is called upon.

The Bears didn’t have depth behind Cutler last year and it ultimately cost them some games. Now they have a quality option they can turn to.

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