Will Finn Balor be at WWE Payback?

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Is Finn Balor going to be at WWE Payback on Sunday?

For weeks, maybe months, there has been talk of Finn Balor making his debut at WWE Payback. It started gaining steam when rumors of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows coming to WWE began in January. Balor posted numerous teases about them restarting their Bullet Club faction from New Japan Pro Wrestling to get fans riled up about this happening.

Well, now that Anderson and Gallows are in WWE, the talk has escalated. They have been attacking Roman Reigns and The Usos while teasing a partnership with AJ Styles, who was in the Bullet Club as well. However, many expect them to turn on the Phenomenal One at Payback, which would lead to Balor being brought in as the third guy.

As of now, there is nothing confirmed on Balor showing up at Payback. However, a report from SEScoops on Friday noted that there is a plan to have him debut.

With Finn having dropped the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe at a live event, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Usually, when an NXT star loses their belt, they get called up to the main roster, so this trend may be continuing.

If the Demon debuts at Payback, there will still be a shock factor despite all the speculation. He has been part of the hype by teasing this for months, but the debut happening would still be interesting. It’s arguably overdue since Balor may have been talented enough to get called up months into his time in NXT. However, his presence was needed for developmental as they toured the country from 2015 into 2016.

So will Finn Balor actually debut at Payback on Sunday? We’ll have to wait and see.

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