NFL Draft 2016: Kansas City Chiefs Day 3 selections


Looking at the Kansas City Chiefs Day 3 selections in the 2016 NFL Draft

Quite frankly, it feels like the Kansas City Chiefs have largely been quiet in the first two days of the 2016 NFL Draft and that’s because they were mostly quiet throught the first two days. The Chiefs traded out of the first round at the end of Day 1 and that set the tone to where the Chiefs ultimately ended up with one pick in Round 2 and one in Round 3. As Day 3 is coming, expect the Chiefs to be just a bit more involved than they were in the first couple of days.

The Chiefs will start off by having three selections in Round 4 as they will pick twice early in Day 3 at picks No. 7 and No. 8 in the fourth round (No. 105, 106 overall). The Chiefs then have two picks in both Round 5 and Round 6 to round out the 2016 NFL Draft for them.

To finish their night, the Chiefs pick at No. 25 and 28 in Round 5 (No. 162 and 165) and then pick No. 3 and No. 28 in Round 6 (No. 178 and 203) and that’s all she wrote for KC in the draft this season.

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