Steven Adams throws down reverse slam vs Spurs (Video)

Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams threw down a vicious reverse slam on the San Antonio Spurs.

After a terrible Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs in the second round of the playoffs, the Oklahoma City Thunder were hoping to come out with a renewed energy in Game 2 on Monday night. The Thunder didn’t lead at any point during the first game against the Spurs, so they made sure to jump out to an early lead on the road.

With the effort clearly having changed for the Thunder in their second battle, Steven Adams put on display just what type of change the Thunder were going to bring this time around.

As Spurs defenders collapsed on Kevin Durant, Adams cut to the hoop with an open lane and no one guarding him. That’s when Durant fed Adams with a beautiful pass and Adams went up and under for the huge reverse slam.

The Thunder jumped out to a decent lead early on in Game 2 and it was the type of response that they needed to have after getting blown out in epic fashion the first time.

It was also a great dunk by Adams.

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