WWE Payback 2016: Best and worst

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Cesaro Miz WWE Payback
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Best: Properly setting the stage moving forward

The Miz sometimes gets a bad rap in the pro wrestling world because, well, he’s done some pretty awful work over the past few years when he’s been put in roles that aren’t really made for him. However, he’s been killing it as the “A-Lister” of late and is one of the best heels in the company. Moreover, he’s been working well when he’s been in the ring with strong guys like Cesaro—especially strong guys that are incredibly over right now as faces.

These two guys put on a great match with one another that was really well told. It was clear that Miz was going to be outmatched against a guy with the talent of Cesaro, so they had Maryse holding down Miz when Cesaro was going for a Superplex be the thing that gave The Miz the advantage. Then to have the face in Cesaro fight back and get the advantage again only to have Miz steal the win was even better. It really keeps both characters looking as they should moving forward.

Also in the interest of moving forward, having Zayn and Owens be involved and both the finish and the aftermath of the match was absolutely fantastic. It keeps things fresh moving forward to Extreme Rules while there’s a short turnaround between the two PPVs and keeps everybody looking as they should. Of a show filled with missed opportunities, this wasn’t one of them.

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