WWE Payback 2016: Best and worst

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McMahons WWE Payback
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Worst: Let’s see where this goes

In terms of what we had to sit through during the show on WWE Payback, this was pretty cringeworthy. Between Vince McMahon mentally trying to process why the crowd in Chicago would chant for CM Punk (and then later get super upset about it) and both Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon overplaying their roles as face and heel in this story, it all was so blatantly a way to fill in some more of the time lost from the opening match due to the injury to Enzo.

Then you have the fact that this really was even more of a waste of time because Vince’s ultimate decision in the matter was to not make a decision at all when you look at it. Think about it; the segment was billed as Vince deciding whether Shane OR Stephanie would be controlling Monday Night RAW. The Boss instead took the route of having both his son and daughter controlling the show. Such a cop-out.

In terms of what this means for the show and the company, I’m choosing to stay neutral at this point because there are roughly a billion different outcomes that could come of this. If this leads to a Shane vs. Stephanie Survivor Series match after a long, slow burn, that would be fantastic. If it’s just these two bickering in the back until SummerSlam, that’s going to be offensively bad. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s either of those options or something in between.

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