WWE Payback 2016: Best and worst

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Worst: A lesson in overbooking

There are going to be a lot of people that are unhappy with the main event of WWE Payback simply because Roman Reigns won in the main event over AJ Styles. While I wasn’t a fan of that, it has 100 percent nothing to do with the fact that Roman was the winner of the match. Instead, it has everything to do with how the match was booked and how they got to that point.

In fairness to both Roman and AJ, both men put on a hell of a match in front of the crowd in Chicago. I loved the way that the two worked together as Styles made Reigns’ powerful offense look great and Roman provided AJ a great based to bounce around off of and jump around. The work between the two was great.

However, there was just so much extra stuff thrown into this match in the main event that the wrestling between those two men ultimately got overlooked. Between Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson coming out and merely hitting their finisher and mixing it up with The Usos, two swerve finishes and match restarts, and the way that the final finish was booked with Roman no-selling a match worth of damage, it was just too much going on.

These two are now booked to meet again in the main event of Extreme Rules match with titular stipulations. Hopefully WWE can put on the proper version of the match from WWE Payback. Quite frankly, I’d really like to see that—a lot more so than what we saw at WWE Payback.