J.R. Smith embarrasses Kyle Korver with crossover (Video)


J.R. Smith’s violent crossover on Kyle Korver is an accurate summation of the first half between the Cavaliers and Hawks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers lead the Atlanta Hawks 74-38 after the first half and J.R. Smith’s first half has been a big part of that. He has been on fire shooting 6-of-10 from beyond the arc and his 20 points lead the team.

Overall, it was a very ugly first half for the Atlanta Hawks, and nothing sums up their first half struggles, as well as JR Smith’s dominant showing, better than this violent crossover on Kyle Korver:

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!! #NBARapidReplay #CAVSvHAWKS https://t.co/vBeFZZYHBm— NBA (@NBA) May 5, 2016"

Korver is normally considered one of the best shooters in the league, and if anyone could match Smith’s performance, it’s him. But consider this crossover to be a career-ender for him, and the Hawks season as a whole.

By far the biggest complaint of the NBA Playoffs so far is over how many blowouts there have been, which contribute to a lack of excitement across the board. This game is no different, as this one half practically writes off Atlanta’s chances of a comeback this series. Realistically, people have already put the Cavs and the Warriors in the Finals this year, and as long as they keep playing like this, there’s no reason to believe any team in the East can threaten them.

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