Mariachi Band serenades Chicago Cubs on Cinco de Mayo (Video)


The Chicago Cubs hired a Mariachi Band to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

With the calendar turning to May 5, or celebrated nationally as Cinco de Mayo, baseball really took the time to honor and celebrate the day. With a strong lineage of Latin history, it made all the sense in the world for teams to be festive on Cinco de Mayo.

The Chicago Cubs got extra festive in paticular before their game against the visiting Washington Nationals. The Cubs went all the way and hired a Mariachi Band to serenade the coaches, players and everyone present within the locker room.

Just the thought of a Mariachi Band serenading Joe Maddon while he’s trying to get work done in the video room is fantastic. However, as a multiple Manager of the Year award winner, Maddon does his best work in various circumstances, so trying to get a little film study in while a band is playing behind him should prove to be not much difficult.

There was even a big team photo with the Mariachi Band and it was great to see the Cubs having some fun in the clubhouse before the game. The Cubs are a team that stays generally loose and likes to have a little fun. It’s also help translated into some big wins, so Cinco de Mayo should be no different.

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