Can Tim Lincecum Help Your Fantasy Team in 2016?

Former San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum held a showcase on Friday for teams that need pitching help. If signed, is he worth talking about this season?

Over the course of his nine-year career, Tim Lincecum has certainly not been shy of the spotlight he got while playing for the San Fransisco Giants. On his resume is two no hitters, two Cy Young awards, and three World Series rings. Highly impressive for only a nine-year career thus far. However, the past few years have had a lot of frustration for Lincecum.

Tim Lincecum’s numbers have been gradually declining since 2011. Over the past four seasons, Lincecum has an overall losing record which stands currently at 39-42. And this is from playing on the Giants, a playoff contending team each of the past few seasons. This is to go along with an alarming 4.68 ERA.

Due to the incredible start to his career, Lincecum currently sits with 108 wins and a career 3.61 ERA. Since 2011 however, he has not posted a season ERA of lower than 4.13.

For fantasy owners out there, if you are looking for another starter for your rotation, Tim Lincecum should not be your go to. His declining numbers over the past few seasons and his recent surgery for his left hip should reflect this. Whatever team that may pick him up, will probably use him in the bullpen for the most part, especially when he first returns. Lincecum may get a spot start here and there and may eventually work his way up to a possible fifth starter for a team that may be in need.

If your team is in need of an extra start during the week, or have enough wiggle room to take a potential hit, and Tim Lincecum is available, give him a shot. However, don’t hold your breath.

Certainly he will get his opportunity with a team this year, and very soon perhaps. Unfortunately, especially for fantasy owners, the only thing Lincecum has been consistent with the past few seasons, is being inconsistent and putting up gaudy numbers.

Teams showing the most interest in Lincecum now are the Giants, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners. While Lincecum can still show signs of dominance at times, his days of pure dominance are surely behind him.