Tom Brady has a cookbook you can buy for $200


If you ever wanted a Tom Brady cookbook you can have one but it will cost you $200. 

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be having a lot of time on his hand to start the 2016 season since he will be suspended for the first four games for his role in the Deflategate scandal.

With that extra free time, Brady has decided to stay busy by releasing a cookbook. He’ll be trying to pass it off as a “nutritional manual”, but yeah, it’s a cookbook.

The cover is pretty nice. It’s a wooden cover that features his “TB12” logo and, as you can plainly see, he’s trying to pass it off as a “nutritional manual”. It has screw post binding, which one can assume means that there will be future updates to this cookbook. The cookbook will be sold through his fitness company TB12.

Brady has been known to be obsessed with avocado ice cream. Naturally, the cookbook includes a recipe for that avocado ice cream that Brady loves. It will also include a recipe for Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Escarole. Everybody wants a Brady cookbook, so how can you get one? They’re available right here.

Without Brady, the Patriots will have to get a bit creative to emerge from his four-week suspension with a .500 record. Backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will likely get the four starts while Brady is out. Brady will likely appeal the ruling so the suspension could be overturned instead.

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