Dak Prescott talks about tweets bashing Tony Romo


Dak Prescott had some hot takes on Tony Romo back in 2012

Ahh Twitter. Twitter’s fun. Twitter is a great way to promote your brand and share fun links and cat videos. It’s also a place where you get to talk about and deliver #hottakes on things.

But twitter and social media can get you in trouble too. Just look at Laremy Tunsil after his Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked during the draft and showed him smoking weed and apparently asking for money from a coach. Your old tweets can come back to bite you.

The Dallas Cowboys wanted to trade for Paxton Lynch as their backup quarterback for Tony Romo. Jerry Jones said as much and regrets not doing more to get him. They settled on former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott later in the draft.

Back in 2012, Prescott had some mean tweets to say about Tony Romo, the quarterback he’s currently backing up.

Prescott grew up a Cowboys fan, and like fans do on Twitter say things. Who knew that four years later he’d be Romo’s backup? He certainly couldn’t have planned for that. Prescott was asked about it by the Dallas Morning News as the Cowboys began their rookie camp this weekend.

“I’m going to let him bring it up. I think it’s funny,” Prescott said. “I’m sure he’ll think it’s funny. I was a frustrated fan at the time. I’m sure you can go back and look at fans of Mississippi State and they may have said something similar at one point or another, so I was just being a fan and now he’s my teammate and I’m behind him 100 percent.”

Romo seems like he has a good sense of humor. Just look at his DirecTV commercials. I’m sure it won’t turn into anything, just for a way for Romo to bust chops of his backup rookie quarterback.

It just goes to show you, you never know what can happen in your life. Watch what you say on social media.

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