Mississippi State student falls to death from video board at football stadium


A Mississippi State student fell to his death from a large video board at Davis Wade Stadium early Saturday morning. 

At 1:30 AM Saturday, a Mississippi State University junior climbed to the top of a massive video board where he slipped and landed on his head after falling about 18 feet to his death onto a platform below, according to wtva.com.

The large, high-definition video board measures 117′ x 47′. It was built in 2008, and at the time was the second largest of its kind in any college football stadium.

Mississippi State has two identical video boards. The one in which this accident occurred was in the south end zone just in front of the M-club (home locker rooms, conference center), not the new one built with the 2014 stadium expansion.

According to the report, MSU has had a number of issues in the past with students attempting to climb the video board for a view of the entire campus. Either as dares from others or for a personal thrill. Hopefully, this sobering news will stop any future attempts.

Friday night was graduation at Mississippi State, signalling the end of another semester and school year on campus. There was also a baseball game at Dudy Noble Field vs. Missouri.

We’ve all been thrill-seeking teenagers and college students, but sometimes these things go a little too far. And in this instance, end in a tragic accident. It’s always important to realize no one is invincible, and never put yourself in a position where your life is on the line in an unnecessary situation. Most things in life are better in moderation – from adrenaline rushes to alcohol consumption. They are all apart of the positions you find yourself in on a daily basis.

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the family of this young man as well as the two other boys who were with him at the time. And that this never happens again.

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