Nyquist wins 2016 Kentucky Derby: Twitter reacts


Twitter blew up after heavy favorite Nyquist won the 2016 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

As many people expected, Nyquist pulled away for the big win at the 2016 Kentucky Derby. Coming into the race on Saturday, Nyquist was the heavy favorite to win the race.

When the thoroughbreds were let out of the gates, Nyquist hung around the front for the entirety of the race. When the race came around the last turn and the back stretch, the horse began to pull away from the rest of the competition and the rest of the horses did their best to try and catch up, but it was to no avail.

After Nyquist pulled off the win, Twitter blew up over the latest horse to enter the record books as the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

As expected, people had a lot of fun with the fact that the derby winner sounded like a cough medicine and was named after the forward on the Detroit Red Wings. People can make all the jokes they choose, because at the end of the day, Nyquist will forever be known as the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

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