Meltdown Tuesday: Dwyane Wade acting the fool


Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade has enraged Canada.

The Heat played the Toronto Raptors on Saturday night in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals series. Before the contest, Heat guard Dwyane Wade decided to keep shooting the basketball throughout the Canadian national anthem.

First off, incredibly disrespectful to Canada and all the fine folks who live north of the border. Second, very rude to the young woman singing. Dwyane, your team isn’t going to the NBA Finals anyway. Relax and take a 30-second rest. You are old, you need it.

Over in the wild world of the National Football League, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford has decided he would like to stay in the city of brotherly love. Of course, Bradford’s request for a trade was asinine in the first place because he’s due $17.5 million per year throughout the 2017 season and he’s awful.

In other words, nobody was trading for that bum. Ever. Bradford’s best-case scenario is to play out the contract, hope to get better and if he doesn’t, retire.

Finally, we touch on the National League of MLB. How are some of these teams as bad as they are? The Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers and so forth should simply forfeit and go home. It is a complete embarrassment.